One of those charities is SOS Children’s Village BC – they provide love, support, and family stability in a community-integrated Village of ten foster homes and five suites for youth aging out of care, in Surrey, British Columbia. Growing up without a parent can be tough, but SOS BC gives foster kids homes … and hope. The many volunteers and staff who work in the thrift store recognize that they work with purpose and commitment, which allows SOS BC programs to have sustainability. Your donation of gently used items to our thrift shop, or purchasing goods from our thrift shop, will help fund vital programs that enhance the lives of foster children and vulnerable families in our communities.


SOS Children's Village Thrift Store Foundation

To operate thrift stores that support charitable organizations such as SOS Children’s Village BC – that provide support and services to foster children, foster families, and youth at-risk – and to provide direct relief to poor and homeless youth in care/at-risk in the form of free thrift store items or employment and training opportunities.

Set up for success

Nothing in the World is More Important

Every day, BC’s children and youth in care face big challenges. You can help, by supporting the SOS Children’s Village Thrift Store Foundation. Your donation of gently used items to our thrift shop will help fund vital programs that enhance the lives of foster children and vulnerable families in our communities. You can also change the life of a child in need through some retail therapy that pays off for kids. Because every child deserves to grow up in a safe, stable, loving environment.

Our Thrift Store

Store History

The SOS Children’s Village Thrift Store Foundation location in the community of Steveston in Richmond first opened its doors in 1992, as a way to raise funds for the creation of an SOS Children’s Village. In 1999, the store expanded to its present size on Moncton Street in Steveston. Today, approximately 50 volunteers work in or support that store. The store is run by two managers and a team of approximately five to eight volunteers each day of the week.

Our Dedicated Team

The store is supported passionately by a paid manager, a part-time paid assistant manager, and a plethora of dedicated volunteers.

Store Managers

  • Yasmin Tang

    Manager of Steveston Store

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Yasmin Tang

Manager of Steveston Store


Working at SOS thrift stores allows me to combine years of experience in retail since 2001, my training and passion for creative merchandising, with the meaningful work of SOS Children’s Village BC. My goal is to increase our funds to help more kids, to create a welcoming work environment for our valuable volunteers, and to offer our customers a unique shopping experience by providing a well presented eco-friendly second hand store. At the end of the day I want to see only the smiles of our volunteers and feel customers’ satisfaction by having done a good deed at our store. I’d like to build a community within our store to share our stories, to give back our appreciations, and to connect with our neighbourhoods.

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