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Closet Basics

Rethink your closet basics

What are closet basics?closet basics

The term “closet basics” could mean something different for everyone. In this post I want you to think about your favourite articles of clothing that you own and think about how you can wear it in a totally different way! Make your old favourite, something brand new to you again. All of the clothing you’re about to see is mostly thrifted!

1. Little Black Dress


This term is so famous that there is even a gala named after it! The blessed little black dress is a staple piece in many closets. Although it can be elegant, on its own it can be quite boring (in my humble opinion of course). I absolutely adore wearing as many colours possible at the same time. Life is too short to be monotoned! 
A black dress is so versatile, especially when you use it to layer up. This is a great trick if your layers are thin and transparent. Although the print on this lily dress is very dense, this vintage skirt is very transparent! By wearing a dress underneath, it provides more coverage and an automatically tucked in shirt!

Cost of outfit: Skirt $5, Belt $2, Cardigan $4, Necklace 0.75, Dress $8 = $19.75!!

The method of layering on top of your dresses its just for black dresses. Is there a dress that you love but the top doesn’t quite fit anymore? Just throw on a chunky sweater or loose top over it. I do this when I know I’m about to have a big meal but I still need to look fancy. I don’t button or zip my dress all the way to the top and put a loose blouse over it, no one is the wiser!

2. The power of a body suit

closet basics

Bodysuits are the perfect season transition piece! Also, you don’t ever have to worry about your shirt ever untucking itself. Although you may not have a body suit in your collection, here are some ways to transform a plain long sleeve shirt or turtle neck!

Body suits are perfect for low rise pants, no matter how many times I try to tuck in my shirt into low rise pants they magically untuck themselves instantly. If you’re trying to restyle a plain shirt, try wearing it with an open button up blouse. Having the sleeve of the shirt poke out from blouse is also a cute way of changing up your outfit!

Cost of outfit: Blouse $2, Banana pants $10, Bodysuit $7, Necklace, $5, Sunglasses $0.75 = $24.75

This mock neck bodysuit is perfect for transitioning seasons! I love wearing it under dresses to keep me warmer and it adds an additional pop of colour to my outfit. This would also be great for thinner turtlenecks or plain long sleeve shirts. This technique is great for “breaking up” or “toning down” a patterned dress or blouse. The dress pictured above isn’t actually that complimentary to my skin tone but when I wear it layered up, the shade of orange isn’t as intense as it would be against my skin.

Cost of outfit: Dress $7, Bodysuit $7, Belt $2, Necklace $10 = $26

3. Denim, denim, denim!closet basics

I love denim. I believe that it should be a staple in every closet, regardless of your personal style. It is comfortable, stylish and transforms outfits. I own more denim jackets than I would like to admit, but it so easy to throw one on with any outfit. They are also so easy to change up! I have one jacket strictly dedicated to patches and pins that I have collected over the years. A project that I want to explore next is painting on denim, there are endless possibilities with denim!
Closet Basics

As a person who doesn’t wear sweat pants outside the house, jeans are my go to comfort wear. Try changing up your jeans by rolling them up in different ways. My favourite way is to pin roll them, this gives my jeans a tapered look at the bottom. This website does a great job of explaining different ways to style your jeans.

Time to rummage through your closet!

Regardless of what your go to closet pieces are, there are so many ways to revamp your current closet. Think outside the box with what you already own, get fun and creative with your favourite clothes!

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