DIY Cotton Rounds

Learn how to make your own cotton rounds!

DIY Cotton Rounds

Why should you DIY cotton rounds? 

Articles by Euronews and Take My Face Off do a great job explaining why people should cut down on their consumption of disposable cotton rounds. In general, disposable cotton rounds contain pesticide residue due to the way that cotton is grown and harvested commercially.

Since cotton rounds or balls are fluffy, they soak up a lot of product. This means that there is less product absorbing into your skin, you end up throwing away a lot of unused product. Also, some “cotton balls” are actually made of synthetic fibers, which categorizes them single use plastics! Speaking of single use plastics, cotton rounds and balls are packaged in a lot of unnecessary single use plastic which can be diminished by just making your own.

The best part of making your own cotton rounds is that you can control the fluffiness and size of the round! Usually, I like to use one side of the cotton round to wipe off the right side of my face and the other for my left. Making the rounds larger means that I won’t accidentally wipe my eyebrow onto my cheek (which I have done too many times to admit)! With a larger cotton round I can section off each side for different sections of my face.

How to make DIY cotton rounds

You will need:

  • Cotton Yarn
  • 4.5 mm hook
  • Scissors
  • Yarn Needle (optional, I was able to hook the ends in without one)


Next is a brief overview of how we made our cotton rounds. For the full instructions with pictures please clink to download this pattern:

To download, click “download PDF” located on the top right of the screen. This pattern is completely free!

This cotton round consists of 5 rounds of crochet:

First, pick what colour of yarn you want to use and start by crocheting. For the full pattern and detailed instruction please click the link above.

Repeat the pattern until your desired size and fluffiness. Then secured the end and cut the yarn to leave a little tail.

DIY Cotton Rounds

These are machine washable and very durable, make sure that you don’t put them into the dryer because cotton shrinks! I usually wash them and lay them out to dry. I would suggest making a few of these so when some are in the wash, you still have some to use.

For other crochet bathroom accessory alternatives, check out this link:

Additional uses for this pattern:

  • Dampen and wipe your pet’s eyes or mouth
  • Removing nail polish
  • Applying toner
  • Use it as a small absorbent coaster for cold drinks


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