DIY Whipped Coffee

Whipped coffee is a great way to change up your daily routine!

DIY Whipped Coffee

This post will go over how to make the super trendy Dalgona coffee aka DIY whipped coffee. I struggle finding a dairy alternative to add to coffee and have it still taste like coffee. The fluffiness and intensity of the whipped coffee is able to distract from whatever flavour of nut or oat milk I use. I wanted to make a post that almost anyone can recreate with things that they already have in their pantry and fridge. Hopefully, you find this post interesting and try out this fun coffee trend!

DIY Whipped Coffee


  1. Instant Coffee
  2. Sugar
  3. Hot Water
  4. Milk
  5. Ice (optional)


  • Whisk or Electric Mixer


1. Add equal parts coffee, sugar, and hot water in a bowl. For 2 glasses of coffee I used two tablespoons of each ingredient. Adjust the amount of coffee to your liking, start with just one tablespoon because the foam has a really strong coffee flavour.

2. Whisk ingredients together until light and fluffy. Using an electric mixer will speed this process up dramatically.

3. Now fill your glass up with milk and ice and spoon the coffee foam over top.

4. Then stir the foam into the milk thoroughly since the coffee flavour is extremely strong. I recommend using a spoon instead of struggling with a tiny glass straw like I did.

5. And that’s how to DIY whipped coffee! Enjoy!

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