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Plant Decor

This 1950's bear jar was able to avoid the dumpster by finding a new job as a plant holder!

plant decor

The easiest up-cycle project for containers that are broken or missing pieces is turning them into new homes for your plants. This quick DIY makes changing up your plant decor easy! For example, this cement plant holder was destined for the dumpster until my sister saw it. She rescued it from the throw away pile from her office, thinking that I could do something with it. Its crazy to think that there are so many things that are just thrown away out of convenience.

The plants that I have inside this cement planter are baby succulents that I have propagated for the past two years. This is my forth round of propagation, all the other succulents I have brought to the Steveston store to sell.

When I saw the sweet little face of the bear jar poking out of our rag out box, I knew I had to rescue it. This jar was missing its lid but I like to imagine that it was wearing a top hat or possibly a giant ceramic bow on its head. I decided to re-home my cactus into the bear jar so that I could change up my plant decor.

This lovely bunny ear cactus was given to me as a present by a wonderful regular customer. She has an adorable toy poodle named Bubbles. Mr. Bubbles and his owner come in every Saturday to shop around and visit me. Over the years, I’ve learned that Mr. Bubbles prefers filet mignon treats over salmon. Our 4 legged customers are just as important as our human ones!


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