Store Front Windows

SOS BC Thrift Store is known for having fun and creative window displays created by the staff and volunteers at the store. Every week they put together a new window display that follows a fun theme, while also highlighting some of the best items in the store. To learn more about what goes into making a display, and what inspires the staff to continue making them, I asked the store manager, Yasmin Tang, a few questions.

Where do you get the ideas for the window displays, or what inspires you to create a new one? “We like to follow the regular holidays, but also keep an eye out for local community events, such as the ‘Steveston Neighbourhood Best Window Contest’, which SOS BC Thrift Store placed second in! We also like to get inspiration from donations that come in for different themes. For example, the Beatles window that was done a few weeks ago started from a Beatles mug that was donated.”

How do you create the window displays? “All of the items used in the window displays are donations from around the store, or if they are needed, I will sometimes bring items from home to add to the display.”

How long are the displays usually kept up? “They are usually kept up for a week or two. We try to change them on a weekly basis, unless we get too busy to change them, or the window is very popular.”

Why do you make the window display? “I make them for two reasons; the first is that I worked in retail as a professional merchandiser and window stylist for many years before coming to SOS BC Thrift store. I worked at places like Harry Rosen. The second reason is that a window display is like a stop sign, a silent salesperson. The window display is an ambassador of an organization, they are important for a store’s image and can help draw people into a store.”

What is your favourite thing about making them? “When people get very excited about an item in the window display and fight over it. Also, when people stop outside when they see me or our team making a window because they know it’s going to be a good display again!”

What was your favourite window? “My favorite window was ‘Light at the end of the tunnel.’ We received six very expensive lamps and were able to express the right message about the current COVID situation. It was also a great display because we were able to sell over $500 from that window in about a week.”

Thank you so much to Yasmin, Jasmine, Jess, and the rest of the Thrift Store team for working so hard every week to make these terrific displays! Come visit the Thrift Store at 3800 Moncton Street, Richmond, to see what awesome display they will come up with next!

By Jacklin Buckingham, Communications and Development Assistant 

Edited by William Brennan