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Sustainable Daily Routine

Here I walk you through my daily routine - the products I use and want to transition into using.

cosmetic daily routine

My goal is to eventually fully transition into a sustainable daily routine. Like many people, I wear makeup and have a daily routine. Here are some products and tips that I have been using to try and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

1. Toiletries

  • Bamboo Toothbrush

To start my morning off like everyone else, I brush my teeth. When its time for me to get a new toothbrush, I would like to get a bamboo one.

  • Plastic free toothpaste

To go along with a bamboo toothbrush, some toothpaste tabs are a great replacement for a plastic tube! Did you know that over one billion empty toothpaste tubes are thrown into the landfill?

  • Biodegradable Hairbrush

Once its eventually time for me to get a new hairbrush, I’ll get one made with bamboo, wood or  a material that can biodegrade. I don’t usually blow dry or use hot styling tools on my hair so the plastic hair brush that I have is still in great shape. I bleach and scrub it clean at least twice a year to try and elongate its life span.

2. Cruelty Free Makeup

I only use cosmetics that are cruelty free and vegan or vegetarian. I have been growing my makeup collection since I was 18, and I own a lot more than I would like to admit. Tip: Buy high quality make up that is pigmented and that will last longer than a cheap dupe. This saves you money in the long run and you’re able to support a good company!

  • #ProjectPan

Since stumbling upon a sustainability movement on Instagram called Project Pan, it has opened my eyes to how much I actually consume versus how much I purchase. Project Pan is a movement that people partake in to try and “hit pan” on the products that they own. Hitting pan means that a product is fully used up, when this happens a new one can be purchased. As you can see by the photo above, I still have a long ways to go before I hit pan on any of my palettes! This movement has really helped me with temptation every time there is a new launch, which in turn has made my wallet happier.

  • Mascara 

Makeup in general is one of the hardest things to recycle, but its close to impossible to recycle mascara tubes. To reduce my carbon footprint, I have been keeping my old mascara wands to donate to organizations like Wands for Wildlife or Project Wild Wands Canada. These organizations use the old mascara wands to clean wild animals in need.

With my old mascara wands I would also like to transition into using plastic free mascara. I have not found anywhere where I can recycle a mascara tube in its entirety so this switch makes the most sense!

3. Synthetic Makeup Brushes

To apply the copious amounts of makeup that I own, I use synthetic brushes. The thought of using real animal hair on my face everyday freaks me out a little. Not only are synthetic brushes a more ethical option, they also perform better. Since the bristles are not porous, the product sits on top of they brush which makes your shadow more pigmented.

  • Brush Cleaning Equipment and Tips

To keep brushes clean, I use baby shampoo and a silicone brush mat. I have found that this is the most cost effective way to keep everything clean. I’m all for preserving the things I already own.


4. Makeup Removal

  • Reusable Cotton Rounds

My sister has made me several reusable cotton rounds, which I love dearly. (Look out for a DIY post about them soon.) These are great because they can be washed and reused many times but eventually when its time for a new one, they can be composted! An extra perk of making them yourself, you can customize how the texture and size you want them.

  • Biodegradable Cotton Rounds and Swabs 

If I travel or use vegan pink pigments that stain really bad, I use disposable cotton rounds. I pick ones that don’t have a plastic lining to them which means they can biodegrade. This also goes for cotton swabs, don’t buy the ones that have the plastic middle! Pick ones that are made with bamboo or compressed paper.

  • Storage

I store my rounds and swabs in old Fossil watch boxes. They’re the perfect size for my vanity and they make the table a bit more colourful!


5. Skin Care 

  • Makeup Remover

Since I wear makeup almost everyday, I prefer to use a gentler product on my skin. I have found that the Saje Bare Face makeup remover does a great job and doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. If I use heavier make up that day, straight coconut oil is the most efficient way of removal. I have to make sure that I thoroughly cleanse my face to prevent any breakouts.

  • Face wash

This moves us along to face wash! I quite enjoy a gentle daily cleanser since I lucked out and I have fairly clear skin. Brands like Simple and Innisfree have a good range of natural gentle cleansers to choose from. If I have to buy plastic packaging it has to be easy to clean out and recycle friendly (which these two brands are!).

  • Face Cream

sustainable daily routine

These creams are from Lush and The Body Shop, both are amazing products that are more on the natural side. Both of these companies have great recycling programs for their products which is why I prefer to buy from them over any other big cosmetic brand name. Bonus: The Lush one smells like chocolate pudding!

  • Hand Sanitizer 

This might seem like a weird one to add on the list but you have to have clean hands if you’re going to touch your face! I always wash or sanitize my hands before I start makeup or apply face cream. Look out for an upcoming post on how to make your own hand sanitizer!

Although this seems like small insignificant changes, if we all decided to become more conscious of the things we consume everyday we can make a huge difference. I hope that this inspires you to transition into a more sustainable daily routine!

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