The Versatility of Picture Frames

Frames! Frames! Frames! There are always unique frames to be found at the thrift store.

There are so many different things that can be done with picture frames. Whether its an old frame, odd frame or just plain boring, you can transform the picture frames that you have in your home already!

1. Frame with no glass? Not a problem!

Accidents happen all the time, don’t throw out a picture frame just because the glass is broken! There are always alternative uses for everything. You can replace the backing with a piece of material, burlap works perfectly and gives your project a rustic look. This is also a great way to frame old t-shirts and patches!

  • Start by turning the frame over and locating the pegs. Remove the backing and measure how much fabric is needed.
  • Finish by securing the sides of the fabric with a staple gun or tape. Since burlap is a fussy material, I did both!

What other things can you do with a burlap frame? Here, the frame has been backed with burlap and is used as an earring holder.

No glass? No problem! Replace the frame backing with burlap or any low thread count material.

Jewelry not your thing? You can display Polaroids by slipping the photo in between the fabric and the frame. This 8×8 frame fits about 7 medium Polaroid photos. I like to layer different types of photos to create texture within one frame.

No place for Polaroids? Use a customized frame!

2. Are your photos all different sizes?

Found the perfect frame but none of your photos fit? Cut out a decorative background that is the same size as your backing. Start placing your photos on the background and secure them with tape or glue. I prefer to use double sided tape because it can be removed and it causes the least amount of damage to the photo.

Is your frame not the right size? Make a collage!

Get creative and have fun!